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Welcome to Bharatiya Adim Jati Sevek Sangh

Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh (BAJSS), the name, itself, illuminates the sublime motive, i.e., "All-Inclusive & All-Round uplift of The Tribal Communities of India". Confined to the motive, Late Sh. Thakkar Bapa, an eminent social worker and a close-aid of Mahatma Gandhi, had established the esteemed institution in 1949. Since its inception, serving as a Mother Institution, it had spun out the stronger network of such like-minded institutions and branches across the entire country.

Through its set of dedicated institutions, BAJSS is determined to offer the humanitarian services to the tribal communities residing in the deserted faraway vicinities and isolated hamlets, in vital segments such as, Education, Child-care, Eradication of Social Injustice and Woman Empowerment.

So far, with the 65 years of exemplary services in tribal welfare, BAJSS has transformed thousands of deprived families and also led them towards a better and prosperous future.



BAJSS has established several branches in the states which have thick tribal population. To offer intrinsic humanitarian services ..



Since its inception in 1948, Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh has committed to the all-round and all-inclusive development...

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