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Since its inception in 1948, Bhartiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh has committed to the all-round and all-inclusive development of the tribes both nomadic and denotified, i.e. Vimukta, tribal communities residing in the deserted faraway vicinities and isolated hamlets. The object could be attained by promoting their socio-cultural and economic progress. Further, BAJSS is committed to safeguard their constitutional rights with a view to enable them to take their legitimate share in the national life of the country as equal citizens. To attain the sublime objective, with the dedicated network of it branches and affiliated institutions, BAJSS is coordinating the giant multi-focal and multi-dimensional tasks on Pan-India level. So far, the institution is fulfilling the crucial role as a spearheading implementing agency for various welfare programmes launched by Ministry of Tribal Welfare and Ministry of Woman & Child Development, Government of India. BAJSS along with its confederation of affiliated and recognized institutions has offered a unique kind of contribution in the vital segments like Child care, Education, Eradication of Social Injustice and Women Empowerment. BAJSS has coordinated various activities as follows.

Creche' Centres
The programme is proved extremely beneficial for the children of the tribal communities in isolated hamlets and provided them with a better caring environ.

Short Stay Homes (SSH)
The programme has been useful for such girls and women who are in distress. Such homes always play a catalytic role to rehabilitation of such women/girls and assisted them with the essential livelihood alternative.

Hostels for Tribal Girls/Boys
Education always compounds the stronger alternative of development. To promote the education amongst the faraway and isolated tribes, the programme has played a significant role.

Educational Complexes
To check the drop out ratio and to encourage the girls to complete the education the programme is proving beneficial.

Destitute Homes
Such homes always offer a rare opportunity for the girls/boys to lead an independent-prosperous life.

Computer Training Centre
In the present era of Information technology, there are certain institutions which are committed to upgrade the potential tribal girls by enabling IT skill sets in them.

Women Helpline Center
Bharatiya Adim Jati Sevak Sangh, Vidarbha, Nagpur(Maharashtra) has been conducting women helpline centre for women and girls in distress at Nagpur, Maharashtra for rendering them counseling and if necessary referring to legal aid, police assistance, vocational training, employment / financial aid, shelter and also human right cell for solving their problem of marital maladjustment and personality disorder, interference of parents / in-laws extra marital relations, alcohol / drug addiction, economic crisis, unmarried mother, rape case, divorce matter and sexual abuse.

Glimpses of Major Activities